With Care Episode 3: Khatja McKay

The way of the world is changing, and with that change, comes the deconstruction of dated gender norms in what will be the rebirth of the hospitality industry. One talented, young, spirit, changing that narrative one slice at a time is Marrow’s Khatja McKay. Khatja is a butcher’s apprentice at the first-of-its-kind neighborhood butcher shopContinue reading “With Care Episode 3: Khatja McKay”

With Care Episode 2: Kamalani Ingersoll

When thinking back to the first time you clanked tins, cradled an egg white, or maybe flamed a citrus peel, it’s hard to forget the spirited nudge of whoever saw you through it. That figure sets the tone of the voice in the back of the mind, upon which one’s own spirit of training isContinue reading “With Care Episode 2: Kamalani Ingersoll”

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