With Care Episode 3: Khatja McKay

The way of the world is changing, and with that change, comes the deconstruction of dated gender norms in what will be the rebirth of the hospitality industry. One talented, young, spirit, changing that narrative one slice at a time is Marrow’s Khatja McKay. Khatja is a butcher’s apprentice at the first-of-its-kind neighborhood butcher shopContinue reading “With Care Episode 3: Khatja McKay”

With Care Episode 2: Kamalani Ingersoll

When thinking back to the first time you clanked tins, cradled an egg white, or maybe flamed a citrus peel, it’s hard to forget the spirited nudge of whoever saw you through it. That figure sets the tone of the voice in the back of the mind, upon which one’s own spirit of training isContinue reading “With Care Episode 2: Kamalani Ingersoll”

With Care: Episode 1 Moima Chowoe

Among so many other things, a bar program is a carefully arranged mélange of spirits, syrups, fanciful garnishes, and a hot dash of talent. While bartenders add the familiar face, a network of passionate peers behind the scenes brings the operation from bottle to glass. Major players in that operation are the brand reps thatContinue reading “With Care: Episode 1 Moima Chowoe”

29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 29

Brian Oliver Edwards “The universe will make a way for you to succeed in anything that you want to accomplish if your heart is in the right place and you’re willing to put in the work.”  -Brian Oliver Edwards Energy is everything, and what we do with it can change the trajectory of an entireContinue reading “29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 29”

29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 27

Rahsaan Grissom “Find people[…]who care about you, support you, and push you not just to be a better bartender, but a better human…” -Rahsaan Grissom Rahsaan Grissom has been a driving force for advocacy and representation within the landscape of Detroit since the very beginning. A Georgia native, Rahsaan found his home in the foodContinue reading “29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 27”

29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 26

Aleahia Thompson In a word, which maybe still won’t convey the depth of her impact, Aleahia Thompson is “prolific.” While many know her as an anchor behind not one, but two famed hot spots in The Belt, the Detroit alleyway wrought with art installations from artists local and abroad, and a prime destination for theContinue reading “29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 26”

29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 24

Kenya Smith “If I can expose people to quality craft cocktails, spirits, and cordials to enjoy in an intimate space, I’m eager to do so.” -Kenya Smith Regardless of the establishments that host them, bartenders are often tasked with keeping up on the ever-changing world of spirit education. So much of that focus is allocatedContinue reading “29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 24”

29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 23

Kayla Hensley “…remain open and learn from everybody’s little tips and tricks.” -Kayla Hensley Once jumping down the rabbit hole that is food and beverage, it can be tempting, if not necessary, to wear multiple hats. Such has been the case for Kayla Hensley. Kayla entered into the world of bartending and cocktail craft withContinue reading “29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 23”

29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 22

Alexis Akridge “…you won’t find this type of diversity in many other industries.” -Alexis Akridge The perspective of the new bartender is arguably the most valuable to the industry as a whole. A fresh set of eyes to deconstruct the machinations of an industry with immeasurable peaks, and a dark side of valleys. Though AlexisContinue reading “29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 22”

29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 21

Taurell Bush “…the most peaceful and controlled place in my life is behind the stick…” Taurell Bush Taurell Bush is a testament to the not-so-subliminal draw of the food and beverage industry. Once immersed in that pool where hospitality, craftsmanship, and stoked gratification meet, it’s not quick to shake off. The desire to stay inContinue reading “29 Days of Black Bartenders: Day 21”

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