With Care Episode 2: Kamalani Ingersoll

When thinking back to the first time you clanked tins, cradled an egg white, or maybe flamed a citrus peel, it’s hard to forget the spirited nudge of whoever saw you through it. That figure sets the tone of the voice in the back of the mind, upon which one’s own spirit of training is built. For many in Detroit’s food and beverage community, Kamalani Ingersoll has provided that voice. A bartender, beverage director, frequent pop-up artist, and USBG treasurer, Kamalani has become the quintessential “bar mom” everyone wishes they’d had when taking that first step behind the rail. A Hawaiian native of diverse ancestry, with an unbreakable connection to her heritage and lineage, Kamalani is blazing trails not only for other marginalized groups within the industry, but for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

Despite her bustling schedule, Kamalani found time to whip up some delicious cocktails and dazzle us with her musings on the journey of a woman in this arena. Watch below to see what she had to say!

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